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Challenging Marketing and Sales Internship at Spryng

Société : Spryng B.V
Lieu : Pays-Bas

Présentation de l'entreprise

Spryng est une entreprise Ne?erlandaise spe?cialise?e dans l’envoi de SMS pour entreprises afin de permettre d’ame?liorer la communication de ces dernie?res qu’elle soit interne, avec les employe?s ou bien encore la communication externe, avec les clients. La cre?ation de cette entreprise e?tait dans le but de re?duire la non pre?sentation aux rendez-vous dans les ho?pitaux, qui engendre un e?norme manque a? gagner et une perte de temps importante.

Aujourd’hui Spryng est pre?sent sur le marche? des SMS commerciaux aux Pays-Bas, en Belgique, en Allemagne, en France, au Royaume-Uni et à Singapour.

Leader sur le marché des SMS commerciaux dans le domaine de la santé depuis 2010 au Benelux, Spryng concentre actuellement son développement sur la France.

Descriptif du poste

Société : Spryng B.V
Catégorie : Stage
Activité : Commerce / export
Filiere : Commerce / Vente
Metier : Chef de département
Lieu : Pays-Bas
Date de début : 2020-08-03
Durée : 4/6mois


What will you be doing :

During the internship you will work on one or more of the following three components: sales, support and/or marketing. If you are involved in sales, you will be given the opportunity to engage by bringing in potential customers. You will regularly be on the telephone or e-mailing to find out the wishes and needs of a potential customer and responding to these needs. If you are involved in marketing, you will be helping to strengthen and expand both the name ‘Spryng’ as our network worldwide and increasing our online visibility. Social media plays an important role in this and you will be responsible for writing content for our website and our other communication channels. A third important task within Spryng is to provide support. As an intern you will assist our support staff via chat, telephone and e-mail, giving our customers correct information and answers to any questions. Furthermore, you are will be expected to take active part in meetings, training sessions and brainstorming sessions.

Daily activities :

? Carrying out market research
? Discovering product niches
? Creating a marketing plan
? Conducting (international) sales by e-mail, by telephone or by chat
? Contributing to on-going marketing campaigns
? Writing blog articles, press releases and other posts for our website and social media channels
? Sharing relevant content with our customers and followers on our social media channels and via e-mail

Profil recherché

Desired profile :

French native speaker
A student studying International Business, Communication, Business
Administration, Marketing, Commercial Economics or a comparable study
Entrepreneurial, proactive and independent
Accurate, maintains overview and works independently
You ensure that you share your ideas with the team and that you immediately
follow up on the feedback and action points.
You have a good understanding of the English language, both written and
Additional languages are an advantage


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