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AI engineer / Startup studio / Freelance or Contract

Société : Le Stud
Lieu : France

Présentation de l'entreprise

Le Stud, c’est un studio orienté développement, product et growth, qui accompagne à aujourd’hui plus d’une dizaine d’entreprises dans la croissance de leurs services digitaux : en BtoB et en BtoC, dans le privé et dans le public, web et mobile, de la startup jusqu’à la grande entreprise, de la pre-seeds jusqu’à la série A, dans l’agriculture, la HR Tech, la logistique de transports, le social, la culture, la finance, l’éducation, l’art, et bien plus encore.

Descriptif du poste

Société : Le Stud
Catégorie : Contrat Indépendant / Freelance
Activité : Informatique
Filiere : IT/Etudes, développement et intégration
Metier : Ingénieur d'études et développement
Lieu : France
Durée : -
Salaire : -


If you work with us, you will :

- Acquire a strong learn mindset

- Have ownership of your work

- Use your tech skills to execute a business oriented project

- Evolve in a competitive and international environment

Le Stud ?

Le Stud is a startup studio that brings together a team of talented freelancers from around the world to help bring innovative ideas to life. Based in Paris and
Amsterdam, we are focused on technology and have a startup founder mindset. We work with 6-10 startups at a time, providing support with development, product,
and growth. Our projects are diverse and range from crypto and finance to logistics and growth hacking. Whether you're a developer, product manager, or growth
expert, there's a place for you at Le Stud.

Our projects

- Champerché: Bionic farms in Paris that aim to bring agriculture back to the local community, with a focus on reducing energy consumption through R&D.

- Moneywalkie: A digital bank designed specifically for young people, with features and services tailored to their needs.

- Other current projects: In addition to these examples, we are currently working on a range of other exciting projects, including initiatives in the fields of crypto, logistics, and growth hacking. No matter what your area of expertise, there's a place for you at Le Stud.

Your missions, if you accept it, will be:

Develop and implement machine learning algorithms and models to accurately extract text from a variety of digitalized documents.

Collaborate with the team to design and build efficient data pipelines for document preprocessing and text extraction.

Conduct experiments and analyze results to continually improve the performance of the text extraction model.

Implement and maintain code in Python, ensuring that it is maintainable, efficient, and scalable.

Participate in code reviews and provide feedback to ensure the quality and reliability of the text extraction system.

Assist in the deployment and integration of the text extraction model into the larger application or system.

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and apply this knowledge to the project as appropriate.

Contribute to the documentation and communication of the project, including writing technical reports and presenting findings to stakeholders.

You can apply if …

- If you have a degree in computer science or a related field, or if you have equivalent experience and skills, you are eligible to apply for this position.

- Fluency in English is required for this role, and proficiency in French is a plus.

- To be successful in this role, you should have a good understanding of our stack technologies, including ReactJS, Node.js, and MongoDB. Experience with Git is also required.

- In addition to technical skills, we are looking for candidates who are autonomous, rigorous, and determined. If you are self-motivated and can work effectively without close supervision, we encourage you to apply

Join our team at Le Stud and help us bring new and innovative ideas to life!

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